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Instructor: Dmytro Savchuk
Office: CMC 310
Phone: (813) 974-4989
Fax: (813) 974-2700
e-mail: savchuk@usf.edu
Office Hours: TR 2:30pm - 4:00pm or by appointment
Textbooks: 1. Topology by James Munkres, published by Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 2000, ISBN: 0-13-181629
2. Elements of Algebraic Topology by James Munkres, published by Addison-Wesley, 1984, ISBN: 0-201-04586-9
3. Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, published by Cambridge University Press, 2001, ISBN: 0-521-79160-X, available for free online here
Class Location: CMC 108 TR 9:30am-10:45am
Course web-page: http://savchuk.myweb.usf.edu/teaching/2013A_MTG5317_topologyII/

Material to be covered: Chapters 9,11,12 and 13 from Munkres plus the material on (co)homology from Munkres and Hatcher. Some additional sources may be used. Additionally, each student will make a short in-class presentation based on material chosen from the book(s) (or other suggested sources) in consultation with the instructor.

Prerequisites: MTG 5316 (Topology I) or instructor approval

Test Dates: There will be two full class-time Tests, and the Final. Dates are:

Homework: I will assign homework on a regular basis. There will be two types of homework:

  1. Regular homework assigned often that will not be collected for grading.
  2. Three sets of special homework assignments that should be handed in for grading on the days of the midterm exams and the last day of classes.

The assignments will be available at

Grading: Your final grade will be determined on the following basis.

The grades are determined (out of 100) by: 95 for A+, 90 for A, 85 for A-,...(5 points difference for each grade)..., 70 for B-,..., 55 for C-.

Updated: January 07th, 2013
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